The Woodblock Chocolate Private Manufactory Tour

A One-hour Bean-to-Bar Tour, Talk, and Tasting

We offer Private One-Hour Manufactory Tours during working hours for up to 12 people for $250. After the tour feel free to hang out in the café ‘til closing time! The Woodblock Chocolate Manufactory Tour is a perfect Portland artisan craft chocolate excursion for travel tours, company retreats, out of town guests, birthday parties, bridal events, bridesmaid or groomsmen bonding, and clubs. Email us with your preferred day and time to book your private tour:

Private One-Hour Manufactory Tours $250 for up to 12 people can be scheduled during the following times:

  • Saturday 1-4
  • Sunday 10-4
  • Weekdays 10-4
  • Thursday 10-3
Add ons to enhance your experience:
  • Full Woodblock Chocolate Cake - $35
  • Champagne Bubbles 6 pack - $XX
  • 1 Dozen Woodblock Chocolate Chunk Cookies - $XX
What is Chocolate and Why is Woodblock Chocolate’s so Good?

Ever wonder what’s going on behind the Manufactory windows? Join us for a one-hour tour, talk and tasting! We’ll dabble in the history of chocolate, discover the beauty of cacao pods, and wonder at the weirdness of the fruit inside. The tour starts in the café where you’ll get an overview of what’s to come, then we’ll venture beyond the glass, stepping into the factory to see, hear and and smell the chocolate making process. You’ll emerge into the wrapping room, and then gather around the tasting table where Charley in his chocolate wig tells origin stories; you’ll learn how our chocolate gets from a crazy cacao pod to a truly beautiful and uniquely delicious Woodblock Chocolate bar. You’ll taste roasted cacao beans and smooth melted chocolate, compare each of our single source chocolates, and sample our signature blends and resting chocolates. After the tour you’ll get Woodblock Chocolate's Signature Double Origin bar to take home, as well as a 15% off coupon to use in the café or on our web site.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult, 8 and up seems to be the right age for our tours.
  • Please wear closed-toed shows for safety. 
  • Required hairnets and beardnets will be provided.
  • DYK? Perfume can actually affect chocolate, please forgo perfume for this tour. 
beans in roasterstirring melted chocolatebeautiful finished bars

 chocolate cake