We look at cacao beans like a winemaker looks at grapes. Our job is to discover and highlight the most interesting and exciting flavors a single origin cacao has to offer. A little black pepper here, a little cherry there, a smidge of olive… We want our chocolate to be expressive of each cacao’s terroir, the weather, even the culture of the place it is grown.

Madagascar, Sambirano 70%

This chocolate is bright and cheerful, with some surprisingly identifiable dried fruit flavors that make you think we added something other than sugar. We didn’t. No raisins? No dried cherries? Nope, just cacao and sugar

Peru, Ucayali River 70%

Imagine delicious chocolate. Grown outside of the Peruvian city of Pucallpa. The region has historically been afflicted with unrest from narco-trafficking and the presence of the Shining Path militant group. Ucayali River Cacao has partnered with USAID and Alianza Peru to give local farmers access to an alternate market to cocaine. 
This chocolate presents a rich caramel flavor with low astringency. It is an easy eating chocolate.

Ecuador, Balao 70%

From the Camino Verde farm, this cacao represents the cutting edge of source-side practices. It is truly the most thoughtful fermentation of any cacao we use. The hue is dark as an eggplant and the flavor is a rich, earthy chocolate pudding with low acid and high flavor concentration. If chocolate was a band, this would be the bass.

Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili

A twelve-hour drive through clouds of dust and impossibly loaded motorcycles gets you to the Kilombero Valley, where Kokoa Kamili is located. The chocolate we make from this cacao embodies a true taste of the region, and romantically, the vibrant culture from where the agriculture comes. Tasting notes: Sweet raspberry and rose with a ticklish pinch of African acidity.

Signature Double Origin

Our signature double origin blend is showcased in a floral wrapper celebrating the City of Roses! So pretty and so tasty! It is also the base chocolate for our distinctive and delicious flavored bars.


Fleur de Sel opens up the flavor of our double origin chocolate. Place a piece on your tongue salt-side-down for the full delicious salt-chocolate-mouth-melt experience.


The Woodblock Chocolate Milk Bar reels you in, building your confidence with a warmly recognizable, rich 45% milk chocolately melt. Your preconceptions and expectations are acknowledged as visions of milkmaids and mountain-scapes greet your mental palette. But this train ride doesn’t end in Switzerland! A saporous launch from the top of the Alps unfolds and wraps your taste buds in a silky musical breeze as the Tanzanian and Ecudorian duet settles into a hugging groove that plays on ‘til it’s gone. This is a dynamic milk chocolate.

Dark Milk

This is a gateway chocolate. Some people only eat dark chocolate and some people only eat milk chocolate. This dark milk is where nobody is safe and everyone is happy. At 60% Peruvian cacao, it’s a lot of cacao for a milk chocolate. It’s clean and soft and smooth with a hint of a bite that rides a tempered caramel sweetness… Bah! It would require teams of poets to accurately describe not only the taste but also the feeling this chocolate inspires.

Coffee Milk

Can’t get no chocolate satisfaction? Here’s your artisan, blue collar, chocolate coffee speedball. We add Stumptown Roasters’ infamous Hair Bender coffee to the grinder with our Swiss style sweet 45% milk chocolate. After a two-day dance marathon the blend of flavonoids comes into its own and a miraculously silky texture is achieved. This chocolate bar makes your taste buds strut and your satisfaction bone swagger.

Malted Milk

This transformative treat will take you to a simpler time where malted barley and sweet milky chocolate kiss in the shade of a tree, next to a babbling brook. As it melts on your tongue you transport to the drugstore counter sipping a malted milk from a crooked straw. But it’s better, because it’s here now in the real world and it’s a perfect ratio of the best ingredients: the 45% Peruvian cacao adds Technicolor and depth while the malted barley adds a unique and comfortable sweetness.


Sometimes we put our Signature Double Origin chocolate in a pretty holiday wrapper. This is that.

True Love

Sometimes we put our Signature Double Origin chocolate in a pretty heart themed wrapper. This is that.