10 Bars

10 Bars

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Great chocolate is the result of great agriculture! Our line up is going to change as we find thrilling new beans. A ten pack will include a variety of what we are presently making. Right now we have the following bars:


Single Origin bars:
Madagascar, Sambirano 70%: This chocolate is bright and cheerful, with some surprisingly identifiable dried fruit flavors that make you think we added something other than sugar. We didn’t.

Peru, Cajamarca 70%: Imagine delicious chocolate. Now imagine it better. These cocoa beans originate from a high, secluded canyon and have developed a very unique bouquet having been undisturbed and allowed to come into its own for hundreds of years. Very special cacao! 

Double Origin bars:
Our double origin chocolates a thoughtful blend of Ecuadorian and Peruvian cacao. This is a case where 1+1=3. The two origin cacaos bring complimentary flavors that create a new and amazing beast that is better than the sum of the parts. They flavors play off each other like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall with hints of Tom and Jerry. 

Floral bar: This is our double origin blend showcased in a floral wrapper celebrating the City of Roses! So pretty and so tasty!

Salt: The Fleur de Sel opens up the flavor of the double origin chocolate. Recommendation: place chocolate on your tongue salt-side-down.

Salt & Nibs: Adding nibs to the chocolate gives a slight acidic edge to the chocolate and you get the unique and ever forgiving crunch that from the cocoa butter butter rich, roasted nibs! Forget it, this is edible heaven.

Toasted Sesame Bar: Inspired by a trip to Japan, we sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds onto our double origin blend and we made a combination that tells a story. The sesame and the chocolate are like two best friends, holding hands, walking down a path chatting and laughing until they disappear on the horizon, swallowed up by a beautiful morning.

Dark Milk: This might be the best milk chocolate on earth. We use our Peruvian cacao. It would require metaphors of metaphors and teams of poets to accurately describe not only the taste but the feeling this chocolate inspires. The Divine Comedy may well have had another entire part had we made this chocolate in Italy in the early 1300’s. Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso, and Dark Milk Chocolato.

Our bars are 25g (.88 oz) each. 

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