Toasted Sesame Bar!

toasted sesame woodblock chocolate

I went to Japan last year and I loved it. I loved walking through the streets of Tokyo amid a sea of suit clad men, peppered with women in the most amazing outfits I have ever seen! Like cartoon flowers growing in a lava field with a backdrop of futuristic architecture and blazing signage. In a somewhat reserved culture there are explosions of self expression, beauty and wildness around every corner.

When I got back I wanted to make a chocolate bar like that!  I was so inspired by what I saw! We tried a gang of different ingredients with a gang of different chocolates and started the glorious effort of tasting through our concepts.

The clear favorite was toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on the bar. It took about a nanno second to decide that it belonged in our line up.

We sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds onto our double origin chocolate and we made a combination that tells a story. The combination of the two flavors sing together like notes an octave apart. The sesame and the chocolate are like two best friends, holding hands, walking down a path chatting and laughing until they disappear on the horizon, swallowed up by a beautiful morning. That is what I am tasting, anyway.



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