The New York Times!

36 hours Portland OR Makin' Mama Proud nytimes

A couple of months ago we had the amazing opportunity to show off our manufactory to the New York Times! How cool?!? This is the kind of stuff that makes our moms proud!

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Dark Milk!

dark milk chocolate milk chocolate

We are excited to finally officially offer our Dark Milk chocolate bar! Until we had a tempering machine that was devoted to dairy, we could only temper very few bars at a time so we had to keep it a secret...

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We Started So Small!

bean to bar chocolate maker craft chocolate woodblock chocolate

I was looking through my isles of files and came across these two videos we made in the earliest days of our chocolate making history. We started in our house learning from any source we could find...

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Toasted Sesame Bar!

toasted sesame woodblock chocolate

I went to Japan last year and I loved it. I loved walking through the streets of Tokyo amid a sea of suit clad men, peppered with women in the most amazing outfits I have ever seen!...

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bean to beer

bean to beer burnside brewing company chocolate stout

Some things have never happened before. You can no longer say that about the bean to beer process. Woodblock Chocolate teamed up with Burnside Brewing Company to make a chocolate stout like no other before it and we succeeded!...

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